About Personal Spendings

Personal Spendings is a fully automated web application to track your expenses and incomes. You do not need to download or install anything.

You can record all your financial activity and the application provides information to monitor your cashflow and balances. It works as an accounting system. You can record all your financial transactions (income, expenses, investments, transfers and more) moving money between your accounts (cash, bank accounts, credit cards, assets, investments or loans) and increasing or decreasing your balance accordingly.

To make tracking your financial activities easier, you can assign categories and subcategories along with other useful information to each transaction.

You can export all your information anytime you want.

Some features

  • Accounts:  Manage your accounts. You can add, delete and modify information all kind of accounts representing assets or liabilities. You can track your cash money, bank accounts and credit cards, bank loans and even investments and other assets (such as your home or car).
  • Transactions:  You can place transactions (investments, transfers, credit card payments, salary, etc), list transactions, edit, export and import transactions
  • Reports: Provides many reports about your financial activity

Many more features coming soon.

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